What Is Cardiac Angiography?
By Grand Rapids Cardiology
September 24, 2019
Category: Cardiology

Cardiac angiography is also referred to as coronary angiography or angiogram and is a procedure for observing blood flow through the coronary arteries. A cardiac angiography can reveal if the pathway through the arteries has narrowed or become blocked and is restricting blood flow to the heart. At Grand Rapids Cardiology, Dr. Ronald VanderLaan is your cardiologist for cardiac angiography in Grand Rapids, MI.

Importance of Cardiac Angiography

The function of the coronary arteries is to carry blood to the heart. The flow of blood to the heart can be impeded if the coronary arteries become clogged due to a buildup of plaque, cholesterol, or other substances. When blood flow is reduced, a blood clot can form. Blood clots can block the flow of blood to the heart, which can ultimately result in a heart attack.

Cardiac angiography allows your Grand Rapids, MI, cardiologist to observe the coronary arteries and determine if additional procedures or lifestyle changes are needed to clear blockages in the arteries. Procedures for clearing narrowed or blocked coronary arteries include stent or angioplasty, medical therapy, and coronary artery bypass surgery. Lifestyles changes that can help include eating a healthy diet, staying physically active, lowering both blood pressure and cholesterol, and quitting smoking.

The Procedure

The procedure for performing a cardiac angiography involves taking an X-ray image of the coronary arteries. A thin catheter tube is inserted into the arm or another area of the body. A special dye is then administered into the tube and travels through the arteries. The dye makes it easier for the arteries to show up on the X-ray image. The images then can be examined to determine if the arteries are affected by blockages or narrowing. If so, the cardiologist can discuss treatment options for clearing the arteries so blood can flow to the heard unimpeded.

A cardiac angiography could alert you and your cardiologist to potential coronary problems. For cardiac angiography procedures in Grand Rapids, MI, schedule a consultation with cardiologist Dr. VanderLaan by calling Grand Rapids Cardiology at (616) 717-5141.