Taking Care of Hearts (and Easing Minds)

At every visit and during each procedure or test, we strive to make you feel welcome, cared for, and comfortable. At Grand Rapids Cardiology, we understand it’s not just about heart health – it’s about you, your family, and your lifestyle. That’s why we provide high-quality cardiovascular care with an empathetic, personalized approach. As our patient, you’re not just anybody, you’re somebody we get to know and fully support through focused care, aggressive treatment, and individualized health management.

Founded on Experience, Dedicated to Personalized Care

Grand Rapids Cardiology’s founder, Dr. Ronald VanderLaan, is a native of Grand Rapids, and a University of Michigan undergrad and Medical School graduate. His training began through the Blodgett/St. Mary’s internal medicine program where he later practiced cardiology.

With personalized cardiovascular care as his primary passion, Dr. VanderLaan continually provided individualized care to cardiovascular patients in clinical settings and inspired other medical professionals to do the same. His belief that personalized care can be best accomplished in an exclusive, small group setting motivated him to establish Grand Rapids Cardiology in 2008. He wanted an independent practice, focused exclusively on the patient, providing one-on-one services—to answer questions thoroughly, perform tests privately, offer same-day test results, and empower patients to manage their own health.

To ensure his practice consistently provides high-quality, personalized heart care, Dr. VanderLaan carefully selects each staff member. Regardless of their role, each member shares his passion for delivering personalized cardiovascular care. They’re excellent communicators, compassionate advocates, and extremely knowledgeable in cardiovascular concerns, procedures, tests, and health management. They’re also friendly, empathetic, and easy to talk with about everything, from the weather to your health.

Committed to Aggressive Treatment, Practical Solutions

Grand Rapids Cardiology is committed to providing each patient with personalized clinical cardiovascular care of the highest caliber, utilizing the expertise and empathy of a dedicated professional staff and state-of-the-art technology and tools for private, in-office tests and procedures.

As their patient, you can be certain the entire staff will be aggressive in finding the best treatment for you, taking into account every single detail from your medical history to recent test results and current lifestyle.

By getting to know you as a person and understanding your needs, Grand Rapids Cardiology will then develop a practical, personalized treatment plan to help you improve the health of your heart—and ease your mind. It’s their commitment and pleasure to help every patient feel better.

Grand Rapids Cardiology takes your cardiovascular care to heart.